Downloading VoiceToScore system

First, click the link to VoiceToScore-Ver0.9 (in the Dropbox cloud.)
(If your PC works under 32bit Windows OS, Click the link to VoiceToScore-Ver0.9-32bit.)

A new web page will appear, looking like the following:
Download Fig.1

Click the small triangle next to "Download" near the top right. There will be a two-item pulldown menu:
FDownload Fig. 2
Choose one of the two items. If you are a Dropbox user, click "Save to my Dropbox" (Case 1.)  Otherwise, choose "Direct download" (Case 2.)

Case 1. Click "Save to my Dropbox"

If you choose "Save to my Dropbox," a webpage like the following will appear:Download Fig. 3
Click "Save" and the system will be in your Dropbox:

Download Fig. 3
The above completes downloading for Case 1.

Case 2: Click "Direct download" and the system will be downloaded (as a compressed .zip file) as follows:

Download Fig. 5

If you click the upward-arrow near the icon for the downloaded .zip file above, the following menu will appear. Choose "Open."
Download Fig. 6

The downloaded files will be seen in an explorer window. Double-click "Expand all." (Don't worry, you can choose whereto later.)
Download Fig. 7

Here, if you wish to place the system outside the "Download" folder, you can click "Browse..." and specify the address. Otherwise, just click "Extract."
Download Fig. 8
The above completes downloading for Case 2.

©Takeo Yamamoto 2015-2018. Last updated 2018-3-3 for VoiceToScore Ver. 0.9. Inquiries to ty/atmark/tylab.org (please change "/atmark/" to "@".)