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Born in 1939. Spent until 65 teaching and doing research in computer science and information systems. Since retirement, started to study poetry in English.

In April 2010, entered Graduate School of Literature and Sociology, University of Tokyo. I am especially interested in the prosody of modern poets.

In April 2014, obtained Master of Arts (in Anglo-American Literature) from The University of Tokyo. This was my second Master's degree from the university in exactly 50 years, although the first one was in chemistry from the Graduate School of Science.

In September 2014, presented a paper at JADH2014, the annual conference of the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities. The abstract above has one serious mistake: I said "...it has not been clear when he [Rexroth] started to write syllabic poetry" but Prof. Morgan Gibson had already pointed out, in 2002, that Rexroth's first long poem, The Homestead Called Damascus" is a "loose syllabic verse". (At the conference, this error was corrected.)

In July 2015, presented a paper at DH2015, the Annual Conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations. The paper was short-listed for the John Burrows Award. The VoiceToScore system described in the DH2015 paper above is downloadable from here.

At the end of March 2020,  completed coursework without degree. Currently I am writing a Ph. D. thesis provisionally titled as "Listening to William Carlos Williams."

Favorite poets: William Carlos Williams, Kenneth Rexroth, Gary Snyder, Galway Kinnell, Meena Alexander, Maxine Kumin, Ted Hughes, W. B. Yeats . . .

My former website is Here.

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